Everything You Need to Know: Sam Browne Belt

The Sam Browne Belt is a 2-piece, waist and shoulder, belt worn with both the Male Dress Blue uniforms and Service Alpha uniforms as well as the Female Dress Blue uniforms. Marines have the option of wearing the Sam Browne belt or the sword belt with their uniforms, as both belts support the frog and sling Marines use to support their swords.

If you are wearing your Sam Browne belt, you do not need to wear any other belts.

If you are wearing a sword, mount the frog and the sling to your belt directly behind the cross body strap so that the frog rests on your hip bone.

While putting on your Sam Browne belt, it may be easier to have a helping hand.

  1. Wrap the belt around your waist, ensuring that you push the end of the belt through the stud and the belt loop.
  2. Feed the body strap through your right-shoulder epaulet and loop it through the ring above the belt loop and secure with the stud.

We’ve created a video detailing how to wear your Sam Browne belt for your convenience.

Uniform Regulations for the Sam Browne Belt

  1. SAM BROWNE BELT 1.  The Sam Browne Belt may be worn by officers at ceremonies, parades, honor guards, and reviews when the sword is prescribed, or at such times as are deemed appropriate by the commander.  The Sam Browne Belt may be worn with the blue dress “A”/”B,” blue-white dress “A”/”B,” and service “A” uniforms.  It will not be worn with the AWC.   2.  The belt is worn over the service or dress coats around the natural waist, shoulder strap over the right shoulder, and tightened with the buckle centered in front.  The frog/carrier is attached to the belt at a point over the highest portion of the hipbone, generally along the seam of the left side of the coat.

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