Frequently Asked Questions about Blue Dress Coats


Does The Marine Shop sell Blue Dress coats off the rack?

No, uniform coats are all made to order and tailored to fit each Marine.


How does The Marine Shop calculate delivery time?

Blue Dress coats, like our other uniform items, are made to order and tailored to Marines. At certain times of year, such as Naval Academy or Officer Candidate School graduations, delivery times will get longer. Without a queue, the tailoring process takes around 4 weeks, with a queue it can take upwards of 10. Placing your order as soon as possible will help to ensure accurate and timely uniform delivery.


Where are the enlisted Blue Dress coats?

We do not make or carry the enlisted Blue Dress jacket. You can find them at the Navy Exchange website if you need to order one online. If you have an enlisted Blue Dress coat that needs a tailoring adjustment, visit us in Quantico and we can still take care of you!


How is a white collar strip supposed to fit?

A white collar strip will overlap slightly across your throat. It should be accounted for in the measurement sizing.


What belts can be worn with a Blue Dress Coat?

Blue Dress Coats can be worn with a Sam Browne belt, a sword belt, or a Blue Dress belt.


Is it Blue Dress or Dress Blue?

According to tradition, history, and USMC regulation, it is Blue Dress, not Dress Blue.


When should the Blue Dress Coat be worn?

The Blue Dress uniform is worn for ceremonial events and events requiring formal attire, think tuxedo or black tie equivalent.


When should the Blue Dress Coat not be worn?

The Blue Dress uniform is intended to be worn by actively serving Marines, and for the rare occasions when a retired or veteran Marine wishes to wear it (like a daughter’s wedding.) It is strongly suggested you are still within regulations for height and weight. If an event requires business or cocktail attire, choose the service uniform.


Where can I find the official uniform regulations?

Click right here!

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