Ideas for the Yard

Decorating your yard can be a tricky task, beyond caring for the plants and arranging the furniture, there are so many underutilized nooks and crannies that can be hard to fill. As a red-blooded Devil Dog, your options are even more limited. Here are a few ideas to help add some sizzle to your yard this summer.

Garden Gnome

If your yard, garden, or hedge needs a spark of whimsy or a subtle dash of Corps’ pride, or if your plants just need something posted vigilant for extra protection, a garden gnome will fit the bill.

“If the Army and the Navy

Ever look on your garden zones,

They will find the plants are guarded

By USMC Gnomes.”*

Americana Welcome Sign

Americans, by our very nature, are warm and welcoming. What better way to invite your guests to your home than with a red, white, and blue welcome sign?

Staked Garden Emblem

Between bushes, beneath the oak, the middle of the rock garden, or literally anyplace with soft enough ground, you can add a full color USMC emblem.

Freedom Lawn Stone

This heavy, duty and all-weather stone stands out in a field of green, a patch of dirt, or in the shade of bushes and trees. You know why America is free, it is because of the brave men and women who have been putting their lives on the line for nearly 250 years.

EGA Threshold Mat

Beyond this mat lies the home of at least one Marine. Expect a few ooh-rah’s and a good time on the other side of the door.

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